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      Talent Concept
      • Talent standards
        Hard work, speed, innovation, cooperation
      • Employment purpose
        People-oriented, people do their best
      • The virtuous appointment talents atmosphere
        Encourage innovation and grow together
      Keep in mind the goals of corporate strategic planning and the requirements of corporate culture, and establish a sound and innovative human resource system. Through an open and transparent recruitment and selection system and a competitive salary incentive system, we vigorously introduce and train various types of technical and management professionals. Construct a scientific and reasonable performance management system, comprehensive training system and perfect promotion mechanism, and build a talented team with creativity and hematopoietic functions.
      Through management's continuous example, benchmarking demonstration effect, encourages advanced, establishes a corporate culture of hard work, speed, and innovation, making human resources management truly become the core content of an enterprise's development strategy and an important support and guarantee for the realization of strategic goals.
      Career Development
      Staff Style
      Hot Jobs
      Waiting for you, looking forward to your joining
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      • No.
      • Work place
      • Time
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
      • 2020-05-20
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