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This project is a collaboration between Fold3 (Formerly Footnote.com), the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, FamilySearch and Lowcountry Africana, to digitize every surviving estate inventory for Colonial and Charleston South Carolina from 1732 to 1872, as well as selected Bills of Sale for the same period, in a FREE collection.

When the project is complete, the names of more than 30,000 enslaved ancestors from Charleston and surrounding counties will be restored to history in a free online collection, preserved for generations to come.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Go to the Tote Board!

Hello RTA Friends,
     Well, it's hard to believe it's been more than a year since the Restore the Ancestors project was born. The project launched in July of last year and since that time, we have made great strides in working through indexing the collection, because of your hard work and heartfelt contributions in indexing pages.
     We thought it might be fun to go to the Tote Board to see exactly what we have accomplished. The collection contains 22,037 images, and indexing is 64% complete. Ready for totals?

Number of Pages Indexed

Number of Individual Annotations

Here's where it gets astounding. We have made 393,522 annotations on 14,103 pages, with:

Number of Volunteers

We Have Accomplished So Much! Absolutely Incredible.

And here's what the numbers above really mean:

Plantations Documented

Names of Enslaved Ancestors and Free African Americans Brought Into the Historical Light.

We thank you, our wonderful volunteers, for the hard work and dedication that has turned Restore the Ancestors into the Mouse That Roared. The Ancestors must be so proud!


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